neXt 2005: ALIA National Library and Information Technicians Conference

Conference Sponsors

The neXt 2005 Conference Organising Committee welcome the following Sponsors of neXt 2005:ALIA National Library and Information Technicians Conference.

Gold Sponsor

Yahoo Australia & New Zealand

Yahoo Aust & NZ

Yahoo! Inc. is a leading global Internet communications, commerce and media company that offers a comprehensive network of services to more than 345 million individuals each month worldwide. Starting with its comprehensive, hand-built directory as well as the popular My Yahoo! service, Yahoo! offers a broad and deep array of communications, commerce and content services that lead consumers to make Yahoo! their home on the Internet and wireless devices.

Silver Sponsor

State Library of NSW

State Library of NSW

We welcome The State Library as a Major Sponsor of the neXt 2005 Conference. The State Library is the major public reference library in NSW and has a key role in providing for the information needs of the people of NSW.




neXt 2005 Conference Dinner

Macquarie University Library
Student Volunteer Program

Macquarie University Library

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia

neXt 2005 Conference Handbook

EBSCO Information Services


Sponsoring EBSCO eXpress - the daily newsletter of the neXt 2005 Conference

Robertson Commercial Joinery


neXt 2005 Conference name badges

Bold Women, Big Ideas
How would you like the opportunity to focus solely on yourself, your career and your future?
2 delegates will receive 2 hours each of one on one personal attention worth $260, with Career and Personal Coach, Geraldine Barkworth.
Geraldine works over the phone with library professionals around Australia. Here's what a QLD Technician had to say:

" My few sessions of coaching with Geraldine were empowering. She was insightful, helpful, considerate, and genuinely focused on assisting me to find the best course of action to recognise and fulfill my career and life goals.Geraldine helped me raise my awareness to discover what I wanted, where I was going and then gave me guidance on how to get there. I feel much more confident my life is heading in the right direction now, and armed with the knowledge and tools from the coaching, I know how to get from confusion to results. " Barbara Ethel Scott ALIATec.

Applications will be emailed to all registered delegates prior to the conference. Send your entry to Geraldine prior to August 24th. The 2 lucky delegates will be announced during the Conference. How often have you had the opportunity just to focus solely on yourself?

Edith Cowan University


3M Australia Pty Ltd

3M Australia

Northern Territory Library and Information Service


University of Technology, Sydney


Library Book Recovery Agency


Sponsoring the Cold Book Case neXt 2005 Trade Game.

We wish to express our appreciation of our sponsors, who enable us to deliver a richer and more rewarding conference for all our delegates. Your patronage and appreciation of our sponsors is encouraged.


Last updated 21 July 2005.