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Conference Papers are arranged by the day of presentation and then alphabetically by author. Warning: many of these links are to large PowerPoint files or PDFs. We simply do not have the resources to convert the material to html, but hope that one day it will be possible.

Tuesday 21 January 2003

Barndt, Ian Designing Information Architectures for Effective Content Management [link]

Christou, Corilee Win/Win Content Negotiation [ppt, 170K]

Coffman, Stephen We are all agreed that life is better in books [, no longer available]

Cunningham, Adrian Capturing, Keeping and Providing Access to the Evidence of E-Government: a Work in Progress Report Card [ppt, 943K]

Drummond, Heather and Cathy Campbell Consortia and Integrated Service Delivery [link]

Forner, Beverley The Impact of 'Pay-per-view' Micropayments on Australia's Information Providers [link]

Garlick, Philip Opportunities and Challenges of External and Internal Content Integration [pdf, 150K]

Hawkins, Donald Electronic Books: Not Dead Yet [ppt, 2498K]

Lewis, Lynette and Pam Saunders Digging Deeper than Google [link]

Nicholson, Vicki and Heather Layton Adding a Corner to the Triangle - Subscription Agents, Librarians and E-journals [link, appendix]

Parkhill, Anne Creators Become Cataloguers: Using E-learning to Implement Distributed Authoring of Metadata [pdf, 487K]

Peterson, Mary Adapting to New Technologies: PDAs and Wireless [ppt, 4734K]

Rigney, Susan Government Collaboration at Work: Cross-Departmental Library Collection and Database Integration [link]

Tenopir, Carol E-journals - what are you really getting? [ppt, 1604K]

Weaver, Belinda Keeping up with search engines [link]. Belinda Weaver has also written a book Catch the Wave to be published shortly by RMIT Publishing [offsite]

Wednesday 22 January 2003

Barnett, Stephen Michael, Susan Brunner, and Claire White LILI is here: How the LEARN Network of TAFE Libraries in South Australia Developed Online Information Literacy Modules [link]

Bates, Mary Ellen The Challenges of Global Research in a Non-Global Information Environment [pdf, 265K]

Bensoussan, Babette The 'Value Add' to Information [ppt, 130K]

Brown, Iain Cooler Runnings: the Origins, Capabilities and Future Direction of the Defence Library Portal [link]

Caputo, Anne The keys to successful strategic positioning of online information services in a knowledge environment [ppt, 1534K]

Cummings, Leanne E-learning 24x7 at Your Desktop [link]

Cummings, Maurice Developing Teaching Strategies to Incorporate and Create Online Resources [ppt, 415K]

Dawson, Ross The changing flow of online information: what it means for business, government and the community [pdf, 1347K]

Ford, Andrew Intelligence, Tradecraft and Technologies - Where do Librarians Fit in? [link]

Hodge, Dianne Size Does Count [link]

Kirton, Jennifer, Sean Brady and Marsha Reilly Far and Wide: Using an Intranet to Provide Information Services in a Government Department [link]

Lazzari, Kathleen Resource Discovery in the Knowledge Era [link]

Lewincamp, Barbara A Keyhole to the Collection [link]

Murray-Smith, Susan Five Things You Should Know when developing an Intranet [pdf, 210K]

North, Martin Harnessing the insights from knowledge management to ensure success of your on-line initiatives [ppt, 1448K]

Salisbury, Fiona and Jenny Ellis Online vs Face-to-face: an Evaluation of Two Methods of Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Undergraduate Arts Students [link]

Scolaro, Tricia and Helen Archer A One-stop Shop for Information for the Women's and Children's Health Service [link]

Sellick, Vicki and Elizabeth Kalucy IT Meets KM - How Knowledge Management Can Support an On-line Environment [link]

Turnbull, Deborah, Denise Frost, Nicola Foxlee Infoseek, Infofind! Information Literacy and Integrated Service Development Researchers and Postgraduates [link]

Van Dyk, Marie Therese and Christine Walker Cutting Edge of E-learning [link]

Vassallo, Sandra Usability/Accessibility: Is your website user-friendly? Come and hear more about online accessibility and usability, including relevant legislation, tips and tricks that will make your site easy for everyone to use. [offsite]

Thursday 23 January 2003

Blake, Katie The Lonely Librarian [link]

Brunelle, Bette Technology Developments in Pursuit of the Universal Search Engine [link]

Conroy-Cooper, Garry

Can You Cut the Mustard?' Professional Skills plus Personal Competencies Equals a Potential Career [link]

Girke, Thomas, Jaqui Porter and Rolfe Westwood The One-stop Shop: a Single End-user Interface for Search and Discovery across Digital Library Collections (CSIRO) [link]

Groenewegan, David and Simon Huggard The Answer to All Our Problems [link]

Hardy, Brian Every Thomasina, dirk and Harriet has a Right to Information. Can They Get It Online from Libraries? [ppt, 100K]

Hildebrand, Iain Rethinking Public Library Web Pages [link]

Hodes, Jeremy ATSIC: Information Initiative [link]

Kassel, Amelia Demonstrating the value of libraries and online information professionals [ppt, 167K]

Korale, Indira Gonsale and Ellen Forsyth SiWvl - the Development and Growth of a Cooperative Web Site [link]

Lim, Edward and Earle Gow A New Model of Collaborative Library Service: the AARLIN Portal Project [link]

McEntyre, Robert and Ruth McIntyre Clark Kent and Lois Lane in 2010 - Information Professionals Working in the 'Technology Fashion House [pdf, 317K]

Missingham, Roxanne What Makes Libraries Relevant in the 21st Century? Models of Distributed Access to Meet User Requirements [link]

Myburgh, Sue Education and the Informational Professional [link]

Osborne, Andrew You Have a Great Website So Why Can't People Find It? [link]

Raunik, Anna and Rachael Browning Smart Libraries Build Smart Communities in Queensland [link]

Raward, Roslyn The Development of a Usability Checklist [link]

Shea, Paul Information Leadership - Avoiding the Perfectionist Trap! [link]

Sherman, Chris The invisible web: uncovering information sources search engines can't see [ppt, 709K]

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