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Monday 20 January | Thursday 23 January | Friday 24 January

monday 20 january 2003

Moving up the Value Chain

Time: 0900-1700, Venue:, Quay West Suites, Gloucester Street, The Rocks, Sydney, Presenters: Mary-Ellen Bates, Maree Lipschitz, Elizabeth Swan

We are all faced with the challenge of justifying our budgets and - often our very existence within our organisations. 'It's all available for free on the web, so why do we need a library?' The tools that information professionals need now more than ever are the ability to provide added value, make that added value apparent, and demonstrate and market the return on investment and other payoffs that the library provides. In addition to covering several post-processing tips, techniques and tools, this entertaining and interactive workshop will address issues such as How do we add value? Why are my clients shopping elsewhere? Who is my competition? What are our costs and benefits? How do we build brand awareness? How does one calculate ROI? Is there a better measure?

Attending this workshop is one step towards maximising your information budget.

Registration fee: $315.00 (incudes GST) - ALIA Members; $395.00 (includes GST) - Non-Members

For further details and bookings please contact Elizabeth Swan, Information Edge, ph 02 9371 0300, fx 02 9371 0381,

PR for VR - Public Relations for Virtual Reference

Time: 0930-12.30, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre South, Promenade Room 4, Presentation leader: Steve Coffman - Director of Development, Library Systems and Services Inc supported by guest speakers.

If you build it, they will come may have worked for Kevin Costner and the Field of Dreams, but we've got pretty good evidence now that it doesn't apply to virtual reference services. Today's most successful virtual reference services, usually got that way by paying careful attention to marketing, promotion and the right mix of services to promote, while those that have followed the Costner approach, have generally been underwhelmed with the results.

So, if you are thinking of starting a virtual reference service and you would prefer not to be 'underwhelmed' by your results, or if you're currently operating a service and you're looking for ways to improve your traffic, this session is for you.

The session will feature a variety of presentations from library and marketing experts designed to help you answer the following questions: What are the components that you need to consider to achieve an integrated set of Virtual Reference services and supporting tools that deliver a quality level of service?

Registration is complimentary For further information and bookings please contact: Shirley Forster, ph 02 9974 2500,

E-Learning - What's Behind the Hype?

Time: 0900-1200, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre South, Promenade Room 5, Presenter: Anne Caputo - Director, Knowledge and Learning Programs, Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company.

E-Learning is one of the most compelling aspects of the Knowledge Management wave. It is an emerging area of strategic importance to business. Spending on this component of the information infrastructure is expected to reach US $23 billion by 2004.

The potential to leverage training across the organisation via the Web in a clear, standardised manner is capturing the attention of the visionaries and the cost-cutters alike. E-Learning is a unique corporate training program.

Anne Caputo, Factiva's director of knowledge and learning programs, will examine the business justification behind E-Learning, Factiva's experience initiating Web-based product learning, as well as the cultural implications to the organisation when launching an E-Learning program.

This session will examine several facets that should be considered when developing and deploying an E-Learning program within an organisation:

Registration is complimentary For further information and booking details please contact Julia Habermann - Factiva, ph 02 8272 4618,

On-line Research for Competitive Intelligence

Time: 1400-1700, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre South, Promenade Room 4, Presenter: Amelia Kassel - President MarketingBase, Sponsors: SCIPAust and the Information Specialists Group, ALIA.

Amelia Kassel is President and owner of MarketingBase in the USA and as an information broker, she provides market research, competitive intelligence and worldwide business information, with electronic research
a specialty for gathering timely information for business and marketing decisions and solutions.

She is the author of The Super Searchers on Wall Street: Top Investment Professionals share their Online Research Strategies, published in 2000 and has published and lectured on using the Internet for Competitive Intelligence.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world's leading CI researchers when she visits Sydney for Information Online.

Topics to be covered in this workshop will include:

Registration fee: $275.00 (includes GST) - SCIP/ALIA members; $300.00 (includes GST) - Non Members. For further information please contact Haydn Brakell - Conference Action, ph 02 9437 9333,

Dialog Brownbag Marketing Sources

Time: 1400-1630, Venue: Dialog Offices, Level 5, 100 Harris Street Pyrmont NSW 2009

Dialog's Brownbag sessions provide a useful guide to the different databases and key sources. These can be used to answer questions relating to marketing and how to get the best out of individual Dialog sources. This session will highlight files such as PROMT, GlobalBase and Investext for analysis reports, and TradStat for statistical and trade data.

Registration is complimentary For further information and registration contact the Knowledge Management Centre, ph 02 8587 7719,

For information about other Dialog Brownbags please contact us using the above details.

thursday 23 january 2003

Introduction to the IFLA Internet Manifesto and Dinner

Time: 1830 for 1900, Venue: DAB Café, UTS, Harris Street, Ultimo Registration fee: $180.00 (includes GST) - IFLA and ALIA members. $240.00 (includes GST) - non-members. Fee includes dinner and drinks on Thursday 23 January and the workshop on Friday 24 January.

friday 24 january 2003

Power Searching From the Experts: How to Make the Most of the Web and Online Resources

Time: 0900-1700, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre South, Promenade Room 1, Presenters: Mary Ellen Bates, Chris Sherman, Sponsor: The Information Specialists Group, ALIA.

Join Super Searchers Chris Sherman and Mary Ellen Bates in a day-long workshop on searching the web - both the open and the invisible web - and the professional online services. This lively seminar will provide you with the advanced tools you need to search the world of online information resources more efficiently and effectively, insight into how search engines are constructed and what their strengths and limitations are, and practical tips and techniques for using the fee-based online services. The skills and knowledge you take away will not only build your search expertise but also give you the resources you need to educate your clients and patrons about the distinction between using a search engine and conducting in-depth online research.

Registration fee: $330.00 (incudes GST) - ALIA Members; $395.00 (includes GST) - Non-Members. Registrations: Please complete the information included in the conference registration form. For further information please contact Haydn Brakell - Conference Action, ph 02 9437 9333,

Sync or Swim? Hand-held Devices - their Impact on Library Services

Time: 0900-1230, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre South, Promenade Room 5, Presenter: Mary Peterson - Deputy, Library and Educational Information Services, Royal Adelaide Hospital/Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science.

All librarians who are interested in learning about PDAs and the potential for using these in their own institution are advised to attend this workshop. You will:

With luck, some PDAs may be available to play with. Negotiations pending.

Registration fee: $175.00 (includes GST) - ALIA Members; $235.00 (includes GST) - Non-Members. Registrations: Please complete the information included in the Conference registration form. For further information please contact Haydn Brakell - Conference Action, ph 02 9437 9333,

Turning the Light Bulbs on: Getting Ideas to the Information Consumer

Time: 0900-1700, Venue: Sydney Convention Centre, Promenade Room 6,Presenter: Donald T Hawkins, Director of Intranet Development, Information Today Inc and Editor-in-Chief of Information Science Abstracts.

Key Ideas Information production, distillation and distribution. Intranets. In-house databases to facilitate current awareness services. E-content sources, services and systems.

Program Information production and distribution services are evolving rapidly. Publishers and new information providers, large and small, are procuring and re-distributing information from news feeds, scholarly sources, content aggregators and websites using a variety of services and systems. In the private sector most information is acquired from online sources by people other than librarians.

What are the developments in tracking ideas for information consumers? Who are the suppliers? What are their products? Which ones fit library agendas? What in-house sites and systems can be developed to streamline processes? What can we learn from the way non-librarians serve their markets and provide value-added satisfaction?

Donald T Hawkins, Director of Intranet Development, Information Today Inc and Editor-in-Chief of Information Science Abstracts (ISA) will head a seminar which explores trends and looks at practical applications.

Dr Hawkins has had a distinguished career as a content manager for several electronic information projects, developing and managing information retrieval and current awareness services and introducing end user searching in library networks. As Editor-in-Chief of ISA, he has developed a desktop system for producing ISA with geographically dispersed telecommuters using MS Access, file transfer and Internet technologies. He was awarded the prestigious UMI/Data Courier Award for excellence in writing in the online information industry for his two articles on artificial intelligence and online searching.

Registration fee: $295.00 (includes GST) - ALIA members; $345.00 (includes GST) - Non-Members

For further information and to register please contact Paul Bentley, Paul Bentley and Associates, 7/15 Raine Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022, ph 02 9387 7307, fx 02 9386 4259, mb 0416 121 347,

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