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A Career Opportunity: Clinical Specialist Librarian
Ann Andrew, Central Gippsland Health Service, Sale, Victoria

Accountability and Accreditation for Special Libraries: It can be done!
Brigitte Glockner, Senior Librarian, Women's and Children's Health Service, Perth

A pilot application of the Value Toolkit: assessing the impact of information services to clinicians in regional Queensland
Patrick O'Connor*, Manager, Library & Information Services, Queensland Health, Rockhampton, Queensland

Applying knowledge management in law firm alliances
Heather Carine, Information Services Manager, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, Adelaide

Both sides now
Francis Johns, Sydney

Cheap and Easy Ways To Be Everyone's Personal Trainer : Tried and Tested Options For Producing Library Tutorials Using Audio And Video
Sue Porter* and Jason Schimming*, La Trobe University Library, Melbourne

Closing Keynote Speaker
Simon Tupman

Community-based users: a neglected species? The Southern Health (SH) experience
Marijana Bacic*, Deputy Librarian and Andrew Rooke, Chief Librarian, Southern Health Library Network, Monash Medical Centre - Clayton Campus, Melbourne

Competitive Intelligence Panel session -- exploring CI from three different angles: the content provider, the researcher and the information manager.
Brad McGrath, Trimagic Software Pty Ltd, Lindfield, NSW
Richard Griffiths, Capital Monitor Pty Ltd, Canberra, ACT
Cindy Tschernitz, Tell Me Now, Williamstown, VIC

Computer Researching &endash; Training Judges in the Federal Court
Imelda Payne & Angela Fassoulas, Federal Court of Australia

Courting Change: The Federal Court's response to the need to manage information arising from Native Title claims.
Petal Kinder and Narelle Graefe, Federal Court of Australia

Creating a Vision - Determining our Future: a case study in building, developing and adapting a special library
Louise Arkles, Philanthropy Australia, Melbourne

Creating Digital Futures Together: Collaboration between the National Library and Australian libraries.
Roxanne Missingham, Resource Sharing Branch, National Library of Australia

Creating Digital Libraries: a Model for Digital Library Development
Amanda Magnussen, IP Australia, Canberra

Culture, Collaboration and Competition
Sue Myburgh, University of South Australia

Dragging your Organisation into the 21st Century: Introducing Online Services the Hard Way: A Case Study
Di Thompson, Librarian, Legal Services Commission of SA, Adelaide

Enhancing end user searching of HealthInsite
Jill Buckley Smith*, HealthInsite Editorial Team, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra

Evidence Based Practice and Information Literacy: a Perfect Partnership
Karen Joc, Biological and Health Sciences Library Service, University of Queensland Library

Keynote Speaker : Health
Linda Watson, Director of Health Services Library, University of Virginia

How to Think About the Future
Keynote Speaker: Law

Richard Susskind, UK (By videoconference)

Implementing library service agreements: The experience of Australian health libraries
Lindsay Harris, Library Manager and Sue Rockliff*, Senior Librarian, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital & Health Service, Adelaide

Information Literacy in Practice in a Small Specialist Library Environment: the Australian Consumers Association
Katherine Raper, Australian Consumers Association

Just browsing thanks: subject access to CSIRO's web
Cynthia Love, CSIRO

Just for You - Just in Time: customer service in a specialised government library
Helen Hennessy, Manager, Library & Information Services, Office for the Commissioner for Public Employment, Adelaide

Keynote Speaker
David Snowden, Director of IBM's Centre for Action Research in Organisational Complexity

Knowledge Services: The New Information Professional in the New Information Profession.
Guy StClair

Learning Leadership's Lessons - For a future worth celebrating
Opening Keynote Speaker

Marianne Broadbent, Gartner Group

Keynote Speaker: Law
Richard Susskind, UK (By videoconference)

An Exploration of the Future Directions of Publishing
Pip Hughes, CCH Publishing, Sydney, NSW
Doug Halley, Thomson Legal & Regulatory, Pyrmont, NSW
Michael Kettell, Lexis Nexus Butterworths, Chatswood, NSW
Coordinated by Helen Wallace, University of Western Australia, Nedlands, WA

Lesle Symes Memorial Lecture

Librarians and electronic document management - a learning curve
Judy Thompson, Project Manager and Necia Agnew, Information Specialist, Information Solutions Group, Corporate Division, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Canberra

Librarians, Doctors and Ward Rounds: Interesting findings from the NICS Clinical Evidence Researcher Study
Ruth M Sladek, Repatriation General Hospital, Adelaide

Library and information science education for the Knowledge Age: Update on this important ALIA Project
Christine McKenzie, ALIA

Managing Language
Sherrey Quinn, Libraries Alive! Pty Ltd, Canberra

More than a collection of electronic resources? A look at health libraries in the era of CIAP
Gillian Wood. NSW Health Department, Sydney

Opening Keynote Speaker
Marianne Broadbent, Gartner Group

Privacy and IT issues for information professionals
Kent Grey, Partner, Minter Ellison Lawyers, Adelaide

PubMed, PubMed Central and MEDLINEPlus: A Trio of Essential Resources for Health
Keynote Speaker : Health

Linda Watson, Director of Health Services Library, University of Virginia

Quality Criteria Models Used to Evaluate Health Websites
June Anderson, School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University, Melbourne

Relocating Your Library
Dr Suzanne Lewis, Librarian, Central Coast Health, Gosford

Reviewing Your Future
Patricia Aguado, Manager, Gardiner Library Service, Hunter Health and Leanne Cummings, Manager Library Services, Queensland Police Service

Shared Funding of Teaching Hospital Libraries: Developing a Formula
Bronia Renison, Townsville Health Service District, Townsville and John McKinlay*, James Cook University, Townsville

Sharing knowledge: a key to lift up people life through science
Tjempaka Sari Hartamo, Indonesian Institutes of Sciences, Jakarta, Indonesia

Shifting Sands - the ideal foundation for a successful Library & Information Service
Cate Dawson, Manager, Library & Information Services, Multiple Sclerosis Society of New South Wales, Sydney

So, an Engineer, a Lawyer and a Librarian Go Into a Subject Gateway ... or Engaging Your User Community in a Virtual Environment
Nicole Clark, Coordinator, Australasian Virtual Engineering Library

Streamlining the Daily News Clippings Process
Andrew Pentacost *, Maxus Australia, Melbourne, Lucy Caminschi, Worksafe WA Perth and Stephen Cayless, Library Technology Solutions Fremantle, WA

Targeting our clients : the development of information and library service products for agricultural extension officers in NSW Agriculture
Sally C. Anderson, Librarian, NSW Agriculture, Trangie, NSW

Teach Yourself Legal Research: an Online Tutorial
Lynette Falconer, Associate Law Librarian and Yvonne Wilcox, Senior Librarian, University of New South Wales Law Library

Textbooks and the Reproduction of a Discipline
Mark Israel, Flinders University of South Australia

The information specialist in the clinical team: Building expertise in evidence-based healthcare
Ruth Foxlee, Librarian, University of Queensland Library, Brisbane

Training as Library Customer Service - Libraries and Learning Should Go Hand-in-Hand, but Who has a Handy Training Theory ?
Jan Harrison, Librarian, Sparke Helmore Solicitors, Sydney

Travel, training and "warmware": critical success factors for utilising the Clinicians' Knowledge Network in the Central Zone
Janet Iffinger, Rural Information Network Librarian, Health Sciences Library, Rockhampton

Through the looking GLASS : the path to a successful inter-library loan consortium
Lyn Nasir, Office of the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment* , Marian Moore, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Sydney*, Fairlie Stanish, NSW Teachers Federation, Sydney*, Gayle Blayney, Energy Australia, Sydney and Irene Petch, Combined Corporate Services Unit, Research & Information Service, Sydney

Two different approaches to mentoring new library and information professionals: Chardonnay or Shiraz?
Dr Gillian Hallam, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Carol Newton-Smith, University of Western Australia, Perth and Chris Gissing ourbrisbane.com

What can we do for you? - embracing new business in a competitive library world
Jane Bishop*, External Services Librarian and Miriam Saunders*, DLS-SA (Defence Library Services) Manager, DSTO Research Library, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Edinburgh, South Australia

Yes, We're Special &endash; But How Special?: The Futures of Corporate Information Management
Sue Myburgh, University of South Australia, Adelaide

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